Closure Q&A

Q: Why did Keg & Kernel by Tangled Roots Brewing Company decide to close its doors?
A: The decision to close Keg & Kernel by Tangled Roots Brewing Company was not an easy one and was driven by a combination of factors. These include changes in market conditions, evolving consumer preferences, and economic challenges that many businesses in the hospitality industry have faced.

Q: How will this closure affect loyal customers and those with outstanding fit cards or brew club points?
A: We understand the impact this closure may have on our loyal customers. We are working on a plan to address outstanding gift cards, brew club points, and other customer-related matters. Please stay tuned for further details as we finalize our plans to ensure that our valued customers are taken care of. Please note that all gift cards and brew club points are redeemable at our other TRBC locations.

Q: Were there any efforts made to keep the restaurant operational, such as exploring new business models or seeking financial assistance?
A: Yes, we explored various avenues to keep Keg & Kernel by Tangled Roots Brewing Company operational, including adapting our business model, seeking financial assistance, and engaging with the local community. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we reached a point where continuing operations was no longer sustainable.

Q: What will happen to the restaurant staff? Will they be offered assistance in finding new employment?
A: Our priority is to support our dedicated staff during this transition. We are working closely with our team members to provide assistance, including new job opportunities within the Tangled Roots organization. Additionally, we are offering guidance on accessing available support services and networking within the industry.

Q: Can you provide any insights into the future plans of the restaurant owners? Are there any potential relocations or new ventures in the works?
A: While we are closing this chapter, the owners are exploring future opportunities and ventures. We appreciate the support we have received from the community and are considering carious options for the future. Any updates or announcements about potential relocations or new ventures will be shared through our official communication channels.

Q: How can customers stay informed about any updates or future developments related to Tangled Roots?
A: To stay informed about any updates, future developments, or announcements, we encourage the public to follow our official social media accounts, subscribe to our email list, and check our website regularly. We will use these channels to communicate any relevant information to our valued customers.

Q: Will there be any events or promotions as a farewell gesture to the community?
A: While we do not have any specific events or promotions planned at the moment, we appreciate the support of our community and will consider any farewell gestures to express our gratitude. Any such activities will be communicated through our official channels if and when they are organized.