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May 17, 2017

Bison Weizen returns at Tangled Roots and The Lone Buffalo

By: Mike Billy, brewer

We are happy to announce that our Bison Weizen is back on tap at the Tangled Roots Tap Room and The Lone Buffalo restaurant.

Bison Weizen is a very special beer that we produced to help raise money to take care of the buffalo at Buffalo Rock State Park. One dollar from every pint sold in the tap room or restaurant is donated to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, which operates the park.

At Tangled Roots, part of our commitment as a company is to preserve the natural resources around us. Using our beer to support a local state park seemed like a natural extension of that goal.

Dan Bell, site superintendent for the I&M Canal State Trail and Buffalo Rock State Park, said he appreciates the brewery’s support.

“Money received from the sale of the Bison Weizen ensures that we have a dedicated source of funding for the care and management of the bison at Buffalo Rock State Park,” he said.

Tangled Roots is the first Illinois brewery to work with the IDNR in this manner.

The first batch of Bison Weizen raised $1,617 for Buffalo Rock.

Bison Weizen is a dunkel weizen style beer, which is a dark German wheat beer. Tangled Roots’ brewed the beer using traditional German methods including using a decoction mash process where a portion of the mash is boiled.


The Beer Cave

By: Scott Struchen, founder and Chief Commercial Officer

I find myself pondering the question a lot these days, “what type of beer is my favorite?”. How does one really decide on such a monumental decision? Monumental you might say? Well in the craft beer world this is a very serious topic. Just because we at Tangled Roots Brewing make really, really… good beer and we drink it all the time. We do need to test ourselves against other products in the market. This brings me to the subject of how we buy and select our beer.

When we go to the local liquor store, convenient store, gas station or grocery store and purchasing beer we are usually planning on one of two things. #1 drinking and enjoying this beer on my own or #2 planning an event for people to enjoy the beer with you. Walking into some of these fine retailers you find yourself facing the cold storage room, we call this “The Beer Cave”. In this so called “Beer Cave” you will find mountains of beer and many decisions to be made. The “Beer Cave” really brings all of us back to our basic human needs of foraging and picking the perfect product for guests or ourselves. When we walk through these so-called mountains of beer we look to the products that we recognize first and then to brands & styles we have not tried and might be interested in. These days in the craft beer world we find great graphic art that draws our attention and peaks our interest with bright colors and sometimes images that really blows our minds. It doesn’t mean that the beer is good or bad, it is just the artwork that is drawing your attention to the product. There are so many styles of beer now, what is the perfect choice for you or your guest? There is no right answer on what beer style is right for you it is all personal preference. I recommend you look at a beer ratings, talk to the buyer in the store and ask questions like “what is your top mover in this category?”.

Personally, I have found myself really getting into the Pale Ale & India Pale Ale styles of craft beer. In this beer category, you will find European Style Pale Ales/IPAs, American Style Pale Ales/IPAs, and then sub categories like a New England Style Pale Ale or IPA. In this realm, you really should start knowing your product, a New England Pale Ale/IPA might have a description like hazy, dank, or tropical. This type of style is moving away from the bitter & citrusy style of the West coast of Pale Ales & IPAs. It can make your head spin with all the different styles & descriptions these days.

As we find ourselves heading back into “Caves” like the ancestors of our past to forage for things that improve our life, like beer for instance… remember to look around for new experiences that may enlighten your taste buds and beer knowledge. We at Tangled Roots Brewing Company now have our own “Beer Cave”, so come down and explore and enjoy your new experiences with us! Cheers!

Employee of the Month

By: Jyl Johnson, HR

Congratulations to the TRBC Employee of the Month, Hector Mezo! He joined the team in March of 2016 as a Line Cook. Hector is an early riser and enjoys the morning shift where he’s responsible for prepping his station for the lunch rush. He’s got the magic touch when it comes to the well-known, delicious fries at The Lone Buffalo. One of his favorite parts of working at The Lone Buffalo is the team he works with.

Hector lives in Ottawa with his mother, wife and daughter. In his free time, he enjoys being at home with his family and listening to rock music. His menu recommendations include The Burger and a glass of Kit Kupfer.

Thank you, Hector!


Food and Beer Pairing

By: Mark Robison, Sales Manager

Let’s pair Tangled Roots beers with food!

Craft beer is the perfect dining companion and brewers have been producing beer that compliments a wide variety of foods.

Let’s start with the Sieur de LaSalle Lager, our 100% American malt lager. Its crisp, clean finish pairs well with lighter foods like chicken, salad or salmon. Lagers also tend to go hand in hand with pizza, pairing well with its assortment of cheeses. Try lemon custard for dessert with the LaSalle Lager.

The Devil’s Paint Box IPA, with its bright grapefruit and Citra hop aromas and slight bitterness, pairs well with spicy foods. IPA is classically paired with curry flavors or Indian dishes. Don’t be scared to enjoy a Devil’s Paint Box IPA with smoked or barbequed meats, and finish off your meal with a sweet dessert like apple pie.

If you are in the mood for a burger or a chicken sandwich, grab a Kit Kupfer and order your favorite sandwich, but make sure it’s got cheese! Beer’s bright carbonation can handle the mouth coating richness of many cheeses. The Kit Kupfer’s subtle hints of peach pairs it well with pecan cookies and even banana bread.

Pairing foods with great American craft beers is a fun way to taste new flavors in beers and food. You may find that many combinations will enhance your next dining or grilling experience. These suggestions can take your taste buds to another level. Have fun sampling and try new combinations.






Vegetarian Options? We have plenty!

By: Amanda Hart, Marketing

At The Lone Buffalo we want all of our guests to feel welcomed no matter what their food choices may be. We have gluten free options at our restaurant and we also have many delicious vegetarian options. It is important to our chefs to choose seasonally fresh options that are delicious and not just fitting in to what people may need for dietary reasons. That being said, we try to offer options that are creative and thoughtful and that appeal to a wide variety of people. We want everyone that leaves the restaurant feeling like they have experienced an enjoyable meal.

Two of these options that are friendly to vegetarians are the Veggie Noodle Bowl and the Grits Cake!

The Veggie Noodle Bowl is an Asian inspired dish with Lo Mein noodles, radishes, carrots, bok choy and cilantro and is served with a vegetable demi glace.

The Grits Cake satisfies your southern tastes with War Eagle Mills grits cake topped with vegetable Bolognese and pesto! Delish! So whether or not you choose to eat meat, we hope you will enjoy both of these dishes.


Festivals & Events

By: Katie DiVirgilio, Events Coordinator

In June we have several festivals where you can come enjoy a Tangled Roots Brewing Company beer.

June 3rd – Ballpark Ale Fest in Rockford

June 9th-11th – Two Rivers Wine Fest in Ottawa

June 10th – Lombard Ale Fest

June 16th-17th – Craft Brews at the Zoo at Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago

June 23rd -24th – Chicago Ale Fest, Summer Edition Chicago

June 24th – Miss River Bottom – Shoreline Boat Club in Ottawa




Amanda Hart is the Marketing Director at Tangled Roots Brewing Company.

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