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‘Farm to foam’ beer debuts at Tangled Roots

‘Farm to foam’ beer debuts at Tangled Roots

March 16, 2017

Tangled Roots Brewing Company has released Forty1 Eighty8, a pale ale made using only hops and barley that were grown on the brewery’s own farms.

This is believed to be the first beer of it’s kind ever produced in Illinois.

“We believe we are the first Illinois brewery to make a beer using 100 percent hops and barley grown at our own farms,” said Chief Commercial Officer Scott Struchen. “This is a truly local beer made with local ingredients.”

Forty1 Eighty8 celebrates its local nature by using Ottawa’s latitude and longitude coordinates, 41° north and 88° west, as its namesake.

All of the agricultural ingredients used in this beer were grown at the brewery’s farms in Ottawa and Sheridan, including Nugget and Cascade hops which give this beer a citrus forward flavor and aroma with hints of earthiness.

For fermentation, the brewery repitched yeast from a batch of Kupfer. When yeast is put into wort, the sugary liquid that yeast turns into beer, it reproduces during fermentation and those new living yeast cells can be used to ferment a new batch of beer.

The beer is available in the Tap Room, 814 La Salle Street, and The Lone Buffalo, 810 La Salle Street.

A full batch of this beer was made in the brewery’s 15 hectoliter copper-clad brew house. Just over 20 kegs were produced, so get this beer while you can. It’s sure to go quick.

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