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April Monthly Brew

April Monthly Brew

April 5, 2017

Bottling Line Arrives!

“Where can I get a six pack of your beer?”

At the Tangled Roots tap room and Lone Buffalo Brewpub that is one of the most frequent questions we are asked.

For the first year of our operation the answer was, “nowhere.” We had no bottled beers because we didn’t have a bottling line. And hand bottling beers, especially in 12-ounce bottles, is too time consuming to do on a regular basis.

As a replacement, we’ve been selling 32-ounce crowlers and 64-ounce growlers to go, which are packaged at the time of purchase by our bartenders. All the while, we’ve been planning to make bottled beer available to the public.

While crowlers and growlers are a good option they do have drawbacks. In both cases, the entire 64 or 32 ounces should be consumed shortly after the beer is opened or there is a risk of it going flat. We also suggest that growlers and crowlers be consumed within 72 hours of purchase.

Bottles, on the other hand, are single 12-ounce servings that can be stored for a longer period of time due the more precise way the bottling machine fills them. So it’s understandable that some people prefer to have six packs as an option.

We are happy to announce that within the coming months we will add six-packs of 12-ounce bottles and single 22-ounce bomber bottles to our to go options.

Our bottling line will arrive in Ottawa from Germany in mid-April. It should be installed the week it arrives and be operational shortly thereafter. We hope to have six-packs available in the Tap Room at the end of April or in early May.

What does that mean for the availability of our beers outside of our tap room in your favorite liquor stores like Herman’s Package store in Ottawa and Rudy’s Liquors in La Salle?

Well, we can’t say much about that yet. But let’s just say you’ll start seeing Tangled Roots beer outside of our four walls very very soon.

Let’s Go To Market!

If three years ago someone would have told me that Tangled Roots Brewing Company was going to have beer in the marketplace by spring 2017, I would have said they were crazy!  We have only had the brewpub opened for one year and we are already expanding our current location.   This April we are having a bottling line installed in the back of the Carson building in Ottawa, Illinois. The packaging design is done and the beer will soon be ready for purchase.

Through the trial of our beer in our current location, we have decided to launch six core beers into the marketplace this year.   We really spent a great deal of time and effort selecting the names and creating the branding for these select beers, with a core marketing theme of “Craft Beer is in Our Nature.”  We at Tangled Roots Brewing Company used the motto “Craft Beer is in Our Nature” as a nod to the beauty of Starved Rock Country and the fact that we grow some of our barley and hops here.

Three beers will be ready for purchase at your local restaurant, bar, and grocery store by June of this year.  The three beers that are going to market are our Sieur De LaSalle Lager which is our crisp clean German-style lager named after the great explorer Rene Robert Cavalier, Sieur De LaSalle.

The Devil’s Paint Box, which is our west coast-style India Pale Ale, is named after a waterfall and dell at Matthiessen State Park. Our best-selling beer, Kit Kupfer, will also make it into market. What is a Kupfer? Well Kupfer means copper in German and we love the fact that our beer has a beautiful coppery color that resembles the color you might find on a fox.

Because we have the Fox River and many foxes in the area, we decided to call this beer the Kit Kupfer. Kit is a reference to the name of a baby fox.  The Kit Kupfer is our baby.

When you find our beer in the marketplace, give us a shout out on social media with a classy pic, we always love the support from our fans!  We love for our guests to be a part of the experience of growing our company.  Thank you.

Employee of the Month:

Congratulations to the TRBC Employee of the Month, Jerry Keylard! Jerry works at The Lone Buffalo as a line cook where he works primarily at the flatbread station. While Jerry’s work is primarily behind the scenes, his fantastic work is displayed in every flatbread and dish that leaves the kitchen. Jerry recently celebrated his one year anniversary at TRBC. Over the last year, he’s consistently displayed reliability, teamwork, and an above-and-beyond attitude.

Jerry lives in Marseilles where you’ll find him spending time with his kids and grandkids during his days off. He’s also very close to his grandma, Oma, and sends his love! Here’s a little more about this talented family man:

What do you like most about working at The Lone Buffalo by TRBC?

I enjoy putting out good food and working with my good buddies Brok and Hector.

What are some of your favorite menu items?

Food: The Chicken Sandwich with char crust.

Beers: Kupfer and Irish Red

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Germany, that’s where my family is from.

Congratulations, Jerry!

Let’s Talk About IPAS:

When we talk about IPAs, they are the clear-cut king of craft beer growth. Brewers are constantly experimenting with recipes and hop combinations to keep the end consumer interested and excited within the IPA category. Everything from single hopped beers to dry hopped beers. We are even seeing brand new hops that some breweries are creating. With so many differing recipes creating all sorts of flavors and profiles, how will the consumer taste them all?

Variety IPA twelve packs enter the scene. The variety pack is not new to craft beer but IPA sampler packs have now arrived. This spring take a walk down the grocery or liquor store beer aisles. It will be easy to spot all of the sampler packs focused on IPAs. Last week there were at least six different breweries with IPA 12 packs released on the retail shelves.

As craft breweries ride the success of 18% growth on IPAs in recent years, this trend is one that does not seem to fade anytime soon. Breweries continue to develop brand new hops and recipes. As long as hop heads are seeking bitter, hoppy beer styles, they are in luck because breweries and retailers have taken notice the trend.



From The Brew Pub

April 3rd we launched our new spring menu! This menu features some great NEW dishes and some that we’ve had on our menu with updated sides or ingredients!

A few of the new items are:

Elote Flatbread with grilled and shaved corn, peppers and onions topped with cotija cheese, avocado vinaigrette and chili salt.

Chicken Skewers – Piri Piri marinated chicken, peppers, onions and tomato on a skewer, grilled and served with tabbouleh salad and roasted tomato raita.

Pork Shank – Cured and braised Slagel Farms pork shank served with a warm white bean ragu and topped with a radish salad.

View the full menu here
Today we are featuring the update to our Salmon dish! During the season of Lent many people choose to eat fish on Fridays for religious reasons. Whether you are religious or not, it’s a great time to try our newest revision to our Salmon dish. The cured salmon is Miso glazed with lo mein noodles, bok choi and umami broth. This dish is very savory with an Asian flavor. We hate to say you’re being indulgent during Lent but this dish could definitely be considered that way. The taste of the fish is light and flavorful. This dish has a warm and satisfying flavor. You won’t feel like you’re eating healthy but you are.




Amanda Hart is the Marketing Director at Tangled Roots Brewing Company.

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